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Featured as one of the "Best Emergency Apps"

  Michael Frank — October 17, 2013

"Even if you can't call for help, someone will"

  Theron Zahn — April 20, 2013

What people are saying:

"The best part of [Bugle] is you don't need to be in a service area for it to work" — September 11, 2013

"Bugle... caters to hikers as well as runners, people on blind dates, and serious partiers." — June 20, 2013

"...This is a brilliant idea! It's the modern day 'post-it on the fridge' but better!"

Christine Estrada (XTERRA Trail Ambassador) — May 10, 2013

"Sharing your trip plans and expected return time is fundamental to outdoor trip planning. If you were to get lost or hurt, this is the information that is critical to ensuring that someone will know when and where to look for you. Bugle...makes this fool-proof."

Brian's Backpacking Blog — April 21, 2013